Ms. Alison Wright

The best compliment a photographer can receive, in my book, is to be rehired.  Back in April of 2014 I photographed my first client from Mona Loring, Alison Wright.  Despite the small, but beautiful apartment we shot in, the rainy weather coming down in TriBeca that day, we got some great shots.  Fast forward a year later, Alison asked if I could photograph her again, being extremely flattered, with pleasure, I said yes.

This time, we shot at my studio in Brooklyn and had a blast.  It was a quick shoot, only three looks, and we all were laughing the whole way through.  There is just something that I truly enjoy when working with someone to get their portrait.  Obliviously, I love clothing and fashion, but it's always more about the person for me.  I listen to the client and find out what kind of feeling/message they would like from the portrait, and I create it.

After years of hopelessly tiring to forecast my future, I have retired from that, and I now go with the flow of life, try my hardest and see where it will all take me.  I don't know who I'll photograph next, but I'm looking forward to it.