The Morris Effect

Today I'm here to introduce you to my dear friend, occasional colleague, and family member from another coast, Ryan Morris.

As long as I've know him, he has always been true to himself, and making sure to express it in every way possible.  Personally, I have always been a fan of his style  [[ wearing three piece suits while skateboarding, low riding shorts with semi-high cut shirts, and his hair in a slight state of disarray ]] so I asked him to come over to my studio and let me capture it all.

When I propositioned him about this portrait session, he asked 'What clothes should I bring?', to which I replied 'Your favorite.'  I wanted to capture him being him, dressed as himself.  I will never meet anyone like Ryan, and I wanted to document that.

Nothing makes me happier to know and see people being themselves - not conforming to what advertisements tell us to like, or going with the flow and following that heard of sheep which makes up today's society. 

Take no shame in who you are, and if you aren't that person yet, set him or her free.  It might take some time, and might dent your wallet with all of the new clothes you might buy, but none the less, do it.  I did, and I'm extremely thankful for it.