A break from the strobes

Many moons ago, I was hired for one of my first editorial shoots, a local Connecticut Magazine called 203.  I was in charge of everything, from planning the theme of the shoot, finding the location, hiring hair, makeup, wardrobe and talent.  With luck on my side, I found Ms. Danielle Ricci.  Since working together on that cold winter day, we have kept in touch and have shot many times since.

If you know my work, and myself, I adore shooting at my studio in Brooklyn, New York.  I set up my lights, angle them just right, dial them up and down to the right exposure and create my world.

When I went out to Malibu, I wanted to change things up - rattle my brain - do something different.  I wanted to shoot with natural light - using absolutely no light modification.  I wanted to test myself, know my flexibility and remind myself what it is like to not have control - to be a servant to the sun.  It was up to me to bend and mold it's light by shooting at the right angle, perfect time of day and instructing Danielle to turn her face ever so slightly up and to her right so that I may get that classic loop lighting.  [[ shown in the image above ]] 

I call this body of work, Day into Night, because that is exactly what it is.  It is currently located [[ as of June, 2015 ]] in my Moto section.