It's Good to be Round

Growing up, both my mother and school put great emphasis on being a well rounded person.  Study hard, partake in the arts, play an instrument, engage in sports, do ballet, go to sleep away camp [[ starting at 8 years old ]] and join Girl Scouts.  Looking back, I don't know how that didn't stress me out, I was always doing something [[ which can probably help explain my constant desire to always be busy and lack of desire to sit and watch TV ]]  but I enjoyed every moment of it.  I was a happy, B+/A- kind of student,  I loved all of my extra curricular actives, and the school year couldn't go by fast enough for me to return to summer camp and bunk mates.   

Granted, not a kid anymore, I believe it's important to maintain that same lifestyle of being well rounded.   So in addition to my photography, I do yoga, run [[ love you Zombies, Run! ]], play violin, and now I'm getting into graphic design.  This new venture with graphic design was totally unseen by myself, but I'm really liking it.  

I've been working with IMG, designing Apps and branding concepts.  In a way, I use the same 'muscle' in my brain to envision my photography shoots - I'm given an idea and I find a way to make this text into a real piece of 2D design.  I get to create this digital world - find out how to make this text into a clear, straight forward picture.  It's a fun challenge, and it's even more rewarding to use my brain in a different way.  

Below are some Apps that I've designed for Cadillac, Uber, Star Trek, and GoPro.