Queen of the Night

A few months back, in the dead of winter, the stars aligned, and I was brought on to photograph the show 'Queen of the Night'.  Needless to say, having not seen the show prior I was not sure what to expect.  Having been given the only discription of 'Actors/performers will be all around and multiple things going on at once.' Okay, got that.  I've photographed [[ and attended ]] some crazy scenes - Ground Zero the day of Osama bin Laden's assisination, Gay Pride Parades and extravagant parties - this show was a whole different realm. 

The lights dimmed, a count down started and the doors to the audience opened.  The Queen, engulfed in a cool blue light, 'casting spells' on the performers, the 'butlers' pulling people aside, taking them into different rooms and doing whatever they do behind closed doors.  This scene was truly one of a kind, and I was loving every moment.

It was a challenge to capture everything going on at once - having the limitation of just seeing through my view finder, framing up my shot, and then to be alerted to turn around and photograph the pole dancing and balancing duo.  Actors softly and swiftly pushing me aside, with my eye still behind my camera, so they may get to their point in time.  Controlled and organized chaos.  [[ my favorite kind ]]

I have uploaded my favorite shots from that crazy night - under my photojournalism section.   

Alright - I'm on set with the NY Daily News and need to get back to work.