Wow - so much has happened since my trip out to LA, and also my reason for not posting, OR reaching out to my reviewers to say thank you [[ not cool ]], but today that'll change.  First up, this blog.

Where to start?  Since this is a blog that relates back to my photography, I'm not going to get too personal on here, but one of my biggest distractions this past month was moving - finding a place, packing up my old apartment, carry stuff up and down stairs, and all the rest that goes with it.  Then there is the joyous season of early April, aka, TAX SEASON.  Oh how I dread this time, especially as a freelancer.  No need to go into detail as to why I don't like doing my taxes, I'm sure most of you already know.  Throw in some other personal stuff on top of it all, and whallah, here I am today.  

Now that the personal stuff is out of the way, it's on to my love, photography <3.  

My first time behind my camera after LA was to shoot part of the Jersey Boy's promotional poster. [[ WHAT! ]]  A photographer that I used to work with, and one I truly admire, Warwick Saint, reached out to me to help him with a job he was shooting while in NYC, and that was the posters for Jersey Boys.  Warwick needed to get a image of the car the boys use in the movie, so that it can be stripped into one of the posters, and asked me if I would be able to do it.  I, of course jumped at it and said yes.  Granted I was just to shot the car, but this is a step in the exact right direction of where I want to go.  

The details to my assignment was to go to set and wait until they were done shooting video, then run on, with my tripod, camera and measuring tape and photograph the car at a certain focal length, aperture, height of the camera and distance from the car.  Then once I get that shot, get different angels and heights, so they have multiple options to chose from - Warwick telling me to get around 100 photos.  

As the video set comes to a close, they start going into over time - which is no good for me.  The director screams out for "STILLS!", I rush on set, set everything up, and since it was night time, and we were shooting outside, under HMIs, I also had to shoot with a long exposure.  From assisting on natural light/food sets, to help eliminate motion blur, I learned it's to your advantage to shoot on self timer.  

Okay, so let's reset this scene - around forty people on set, including one agitated director, going into overtime, watching me precisely set everything up, hit the shutter, my camera bleeps twice for the timer, and 'click', one shot done.  I now need 99 more.  I start to slowly move around the car, making sure its all in focus - "beep.........beep........click", is heard two more times.  The director yells at me "Are you almost DONE?!?", to which I comely reply, "I need to get different angels and heights." "beep.........beep........click" is heard five more times.  The whole crew watching me, and the director then says, "How many more?", I informed him that I was told to take around 100, and not to my surprise the director yells "WHAT???!!!!!?????!!!!!"  

Now, I get it, they are in overtime with a whole crew and lights, every minute is very expensive, and lets be honest here - stills on a movie set aren't anything but an annoyance.  So my response to the director was to please give me a time frame, and all the director sais was, "A minute ago.".

And that's my first time doing stills for a national ad and on a movie set ; )  [[ but honestly, I loved it, and I smile when I think of the story - life is all about experiences ]]

In addition to that, I also got to have another PR shoot with an actor.  Last year, on tax day, [[ ironically ]] I photographed my first client of Mona Loring's, Alison Wright.  The shoot went very well, and we all had a ton of fun.  Fast forward a year later, and Alison reach out to her PR, asking if she could schedule another shoot with me! I of course, was very flattered and excited.  So on April 7 we had our second shoot in my studio, and the images we captured were fantastic, no one could be happier and I can't wait to post them.

Last Thursday I had a shoot with the New York Daily News, and this time, instead of shooting the usual fashion story, we got to photograph Peyton List. Oh man, so much fun.  Peyton was a sweetheart and a joy to work with.  When the story launches, I'll repost here as well.

And that's it  [[ I think ]], time to write those thank you emails!!

ps - jk about moving to LA, I'm still in NYC!