Fifty Shades of Yey!

I have wanted to be a photographer ever since I was eight years old.  It was the summer of '93 and I was in my camp's photo shack where I rolled my first roll of film and saw my first image develop. [[ and yes, if you click on my camp's link, we all had to wear those amazing green uniforms ]] From that moment on I was hooked.  I took photography in high school, spending all my free time in the darkroom, and then went to a college strictly devoted to photography - The Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara, California.  [[ how I miss California right about now ]]

Well a lot has happened since Santa Barbara and as I get more clients and more work I see my work in different media forms and it is so exciting.  In celebration of the movie "50 Shades of Grey", the New York Daily News hired me for a fashion shoot inspired by it - needless to say there was no shortage of fun toys that I wanted to get my hands on.  

I got some great images along with a three-page spread, and it's fun to see the Daily News still use my images, as seen below.   [[ Fifty Lashes! ]]

Keep your eyes out, because tomorrow I should have another story in the New York Daily News as well :-)