Ok, I'm doing this

It is final; I can't see my life without this choice, and it needs to happen.  I'm moving back to Los Angeles.  I've been lightly thinking about it for the past month, and ever since my trip out here the idea can't leave my head.  "To move or not to move?  Is this a good idea for my career, or am I just currently bored with my life and I need to shake it up?  Will I regret this is three years? Studio, I'll need a studio, but where?  I want to live on my own, but is that a good idea for such a large move?"  And so on.  Well I've come to my decision and I'm making it a reality.

After my review, I meet up with a friend and actress from New York, Danielle Ricci,  that relocated to LA two years ago.  Not only was it so great to reconnect and hang out, she was truly inspirational and the perfect person to ask about moving across the country.  Amidst all of the great advice one point truly stood out - she planned, to a 'T', how much money she was going to need for the first six months of living in LA.  To some, this might of been an instinctual step in relocating anywhere, or perhaps part of their daily lives already, but for me, sadly, not my case.  Of course I've been watching my money and making sure I don't over spend, but I'll admit, sometimes that one [[ two, three...or four]] pretty dress[[ es ]] on Asos wins.  Not any more, that has got to change, and I need a budget.  Which brings me to my next stop in California - Santa Barbara.

I'm here, on The Mesa, hanging out with my good friend, her husband, and their son. [[ Oh the memories ]] Having gone to college in this city, I know it well, and each turn on the road brings forth an old life.  Upon my arrival [[ on train, and this was my view from my seat ]] I was 43% no for moving and 67% yes.  

[[ When a big life decision is made, for me at least, when I know it is final, I feel it in my heart and soul, and I can't see it not happening.  All of my major choices sprung from that strong feeling.  I believe, full heartedly, if every cell in your body feels that its the right choice, that it is your destiny to do something, make a move [[ literally and figuratively ]], then you should do it - as long as it's a good thing.  ]]

When speaking to my friend, I mentioned how Danielle made a budget and that is exactly what I wanted to do.  My friend in turn suggested that I looked at Numbers and at this template designed for budget making.  It does all of the math and graphing, and all I would have to do is plug in the numbers.  Genius.  Well I plugged those numbers in.  I know what I need and I am feeling good, one step closer to...............it all.