Follow Your Heart (as long as it wants good things)

A quick little note - I'm 29, turning 30 this summer.  For so long I've been saying I'm "young in the photography world", well, that time is soon to end, and I am actually excited.   

Excited, yes; why?  because I'll finally feel like I've entered the years of true adulthood, but also because I've always felt that people will finally stop looking at me as a young girl playing in the big boys world of photography.  So many people don' t believe me when I say I've felt discriminated upon when I was [photo] assisting/trying to find assiting gigs, but let me tell you this - I've experienced it first hand.  Seeing at the bottom of of forward emails saying "will a female assistant be okay?" or when I was changing a light, a male assistant almost literally pushing me out of the way and taking over.  Sure I can't lift as much weight or sweat or smell as much as men on set do, but I know light - and I can mold that shit like Play-Doh.  Photography [[ right now ]] is a mans' club, and a lot of them in America oddly containing foreign accents.  

Let me lay some numbers on you...since graduating college in 2007 I have only worked with three female photographers and one female assistant.  Ladies, we are lacking here, and I'd love to see that change.

At first I saw these numbers as a disadvantage, but as I got older, wiser and better at my craft I now see it as an empowering gift.  I am an educated, classy, talented women who knows what she wants - I sport my backseam stockings and garters daily, and with all of that pettily packaged up into one woman, that my friends, that can make a man cower.  Being different is a strength  [[ said the high school photo and orchestra geek inside of me, and the 29 year old endlessly agreeing ]]. I know who I am, I know what I want and I'm not here to fuck anyone over.  I'm in this game for the long run and burning bridges isn't in my blue print.

Get ready photography world, this vintage styled female portrait photographer is following her heart, being herself and I've got enough fire under my belt to take me to the moon and back.

Be yourself, go against the tide and always follow through with your word.   Love your life and be true to yourself, because it is that, that makes you, you.  <3