My 'Snow Day'

When booking this trip, I wanted to make sure that I would be at my first review no matter what, and since it is winter in NYC, I booked my flight out to LA two days before the review started, just incase my flight got canceled due to a blizzard, or anything else.

So here I am, in LA, in the awesome loft space that I rented out through AirBnb.  I got very lucky when booking my stay - the loft is extremely close to the review, got a great price, and on top of that, the people I'm staying with are awesome.  The building itself, and the people living in it, remind me so much off the building that my studio is located in, an artist space - very Brooklyn.  [[ so obliviously, I love it ]]  The space that I'm staying in is occupied by three very cool guys - two brothers and one of their best friends.  Immediately after meeting them, I liked them.  Very welcoming and friendly.  I couldn't be happier with my choice to stay here.  

I flew into LA yesterday, so that means today is my 'snow day' - a day off to do whatever.  At first when planning this trip, I wanted to make my way out to Burbank to check out this store I found on Intagram - Pinup Girl Clothing.  [[ If you like vintage 50/40's style, check it out, I fell in love instantly. ]]  but also when booking this trip, I made the decision of not to rent a car.  I used to live in downtown LA, so I know the area, and I know how to get around without a car.  [[ you can thank my unemployed skateboarding days for that ]]   When I punched into google how to get from downtown LA to Burbank, it was going to take me two hours - flop.  Not going to do that.  So instead I walked all over DTLA, having lunch at my favorite Vietnamese restaurant, and then doing some light shopping in the fashion district.  Now I'm back at the loft enjoying a black iced coffee and writing this all out.  Soon I'll pour a glass of La Crema wine; that I bought at CVS - oh California, you are so different.

Well, I'm looking forward to tomorrow - until then!