Bet on Yourself

As the date approaches closer for my review, my feelings of excitement and nervousness get bigger and bigger.  First off, I love meeting new people, and when the chance arrives where I can meet a new person, and show them my work, I light up.  For example, in one of my photography classes in college, during a final review of our portfolios for the class, we all had to, one at a time, get up and explain what we have shot and why, and if the teacher liked what he saw and heard, he would 'hire us for the job'.  

Being myself, I walked to the front of the class, and with all of my pride and excitement from all of my work, I jovially explained what I did, and why it tied into who I am.  Within a minute, the teacher announced 'You're hired!  With your personality, work and style, this is what I want to see in qualities of a photographer.'  He then went on to explain why those three points are important - even as shallow as it sounds to put emphasis on style and looks, I do believe it is important as well, especially in the entertainment field .  

Also, from my assisting days I've learned so many things, and from the photographers that I've enjoyed working with the most, and have had the kinds of jobs that I would like to be shooting one day [[ cough, Warwick Saint, cough ]], not only do you need to create amazing work, you need to be a character, you need to be yourself, put on a show, be outgoing and having no regrets about it.  [[ Thank you Mr. Saint, you have taught me so much ]] 

So from that lesson in college, in conjunction with the lessons learned on set, I know it's important to be true to yourself, and from that, your work and personality will shine, and that will help you stand out from the 'pack'.  Okay, so the point of this all comes back around to my review that I'm attending in LA.  Like all of my reviews that I have taken part in, I dress how I feel most like myself - which, if you know me and my style, is very different then most of the photographers attending theses reviews, and I love that.  

I attended the NYC version of this review last fall, and despite the big price tag on joining the review, I have managed to make all of my money back and more.  I'm in the green, and I'm looking forward to another chance to do the same thing from my LA review.  So going into this review, I have to ignore how much I've spent, and just focus on delivering a great presentation and enjoy myself.  

Oh man, I'm so excited, slightly nervous, but nerves are good - because of those, I will make sure I'll be ready for anything - work and fashion wise.  I mean, take a look at some of my top choices for the reviewers, who wouldn't feel the same as me?