LA Bound

So at this very hour next week I will be in LA for a portfolio review and I couldn't be more excited!  I have so much new work to show and I'm also interested to see how LA is going to react to it.  [[ If you haven't seen my work yet, head to the 'Portrait' button to the left of the screen (computer and pad devices) or to the top 'Menu' button on your phone.  ]] 

Most of my work are portraits of creative types - actors, musicians, designers and anyone else I find intriguing.  What I'm getting at, is that it is my dream is to work with these types and one day photograph movie posters, TV ads and album cover art.  So naturally I need to look at LA at some point, which is why I signed up for this review early this year.  So excited!!  

In preparation for my trip I'm also trying out new curling patterns and roller sizes for my shorter hair.  Let's just say right now I kind of resemble a poodle - not what I was going for.  Back to brushing.